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A Letter From the Recruitment Chair

Hi guys!

I am so excited to meet you all this semester. My name is Janet Chen; I'm a sophomore Chemical Engineering major from Sugar Land, Texas, and I am so honored to be the Spring 2019 recruitment chair! Texas Sweethearts is my home on this huge campus and has allowed me to make lasting friendships and memories with so many people from so many different backgrounds. It is such an amazing organization that not only gives back to our school, but also to the city of Austin. I can't wait to show you guys just how much Texas Sweethearts means to me.

I was always a die-hard UT fan and knew that I wanted to go to this great school. I never really worried about having to make friends or really go out and explore because many of my close friends were set to go to Texas as well. However, I soon found that I wanted to branch out to fully experience college and meet new people. I thought that making new friends would be easy because there were so many students, but it turned out to be the opposite.

Since I wasn't the best at making girl friends, I knew I needed to join an organization that would allow me to form a sisterhood and really get to know the girls around me. Some of my best friends to this date are from my high school dance team, so I wanted to find another tight knit, supportive group of gals that would be there with me throughout the next four years. Luckily for me, someone I knew from back home was a Texas Sweetheart, and she strongly encouraged me to at least come out to some recruitment events and check the org out. All the reasons she told me why she loved this org so much matched everything I was looking for, and her enthusiasm really motivated me to not be shy and to go out to a recruitment event.

At first, I was so intimidated to go to a recruitment event by myself; the number of girls at the events was really overwhelming and almost turned me off from all spirit group recruitment. However, after a whole first semester of virtually no new friends and not really having anything to do besides studying in my dorm, I came back in the spring determined to find the organization that I loved and wholeheartedly wanted to be a part of.

Texas Sweethearts very quickly became that organization for me after the first recruitment event that I went to. I immediately met so many actives that I automatically wanted to be friends with. I had some of the weirdest, funniest, and most interesting conversations with people that were so down to earth, funny, and smart. Everyone had such a unique personality and I knew that I wanted to join this sisterhood of strong, passionate, authentic, and diverse women.

Recruitment is crazy, but it is just a glimpse into the great bond that we all share as Texas Sweethearts. Whether it is making me laugh so hard until I'm crying, staying in on a weekend to study, or going to try new food and see new places around Austin, it's never a dull moment with anyone in this organization. These women are so caring and trustworthy, as well as some of the most ambitious, hard-working people who make me want to better myself every day. This organization has changed my life at UT in so many ways and has been such a defining moment throughout my college experience so far. I know that when I look back, most of my best memories will be shared with Sweethearts. I am confident that the other girls in this organization feel that same way, as every person in this group genuinely loves everything that Sweethearts stands for.

This is why I am so honored to be your Spring 2019 recruitment chair and so excited to help bring even more extraordinary women into this amazing organization who will continue moving us forward. I seriously am so ecstatic to meet you all and am counting down the days until recruitment officially starts! So ready for Spring 19 <3


Janet Chen

Spring 2019 Recruitment Chair


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