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A President's Welcome

A Formal Invitation to Prospective Sweethearts:

Each of my Sweetheart sisters has given me more than I ever could have wished for. They are some of the most vibrant, most sincere, and most inventive leaders of the UT community. My sisters come from different places and such unique cultures, and in Texas Sweethearts, we come together as one to celebrate our diversity. These women are absolutely just incredible individuals that give me a home, and one that I didn’t think I could find in college. I am overwhelmed with elation and gratitude to represent this family as the Spring 2018 President of my home, Texas Sweethearts.

“West coast, best coast” is what I told myself growing up. San Diego, California was my home, and the goal was always to graduate high school, attend UCLA, go to UCSD School of Medicine, and live in Los Angeles forever. I confidently applied to five schools in the University of California system and the University of Texas at Austin, only to be denied and waitlisted from all California establishments.

So Texas it was. At the time, Texas only meant no familiar faces, out-of-state tuition, and a lot of uncertainty. To establish Texas residency and lower tuition, I got a job and worked full-time. I spent my Freshman life studying or working, and on top of it all, I didn’t have the time to make many friends. I felt alone and well, lost.

A close friend of mine and later Fall 2016 Sweetie Sister, Annika Reyna, announced she was transferring to UT and asked me to join the Texas Sweethearts recruitment page. I joined and we planned to attend the Spirit Smoker together. That morning, I woke up, got hyped to some 90’s hip-hop, asked my mom for a pep-talk, and boy was I still nervous walking to my first ever recruitment event.

This Smoker was a breath of fresh air, a new lease of life, a clean slate, and any other idiom in the books that define a new beginning. I fell in love with the values of this organization, its diversity, and the indisputable bonds shared between Sweethearts. During those two hours, I found my home at this Smoker. These girls became my best friends, hiking buddies, study squad, and sisters that would grab bowls of pho with me at 1am. I sit in Austin traffic to get $1.19 Costco churros with my sisters. I sing “The Eyes of Texas” with my sisters. I talk about the world, campaigns, and current events with my sisters. College can be tough and my sisters are always here to dry my tears, make me laugh, and face tomorrow with me. My sisters are authentic, loyal individuals that you can grow with for a lifetime. We, Sweethearts, stick together and this is a forever family.

So take that leap of faith, find your sisters, and join Texas Sweethearts! This organization is just as amazing and fruitful as the University we pride ourselves in. You’ll hear it at our recruitment events, and you’ll see past Presidents say it too: I have found my best friends, my bridesmaids, and my soulmates in Texas Sweethearts. With the the friendships you make here, you feel even more ready to take on the world. These women are so talented and so loving, and together, we implement our mission statement every day of our lives.

“The Texas Sweethearts are a diverse group of young women dedicated to serving the Austin community and supporting the University of Texas athletics. We strive to promote scholastic achievement, integrity, and leadership while fostering lifelong friendships among our Sweetheart sisters.”

Spring 2018, I cannot wait to welcome you home!

With so much love,

Mak Adajar-Zacarias

Spring 2018 President

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Jan 04, 2018

Love this!!

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