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A President's Welcome

Howdy, y'all!

My name is Emma Goins, and I am the Spring 2020 President of Texas Sweethearts. I can’t even believe I am saying that, and probably won’t get used to it anytime soon. Going into my 4th semester in this beautiful, wonderful, amazing organization is beyond exciting, and I can’t wait to hopefully share the semester with you as well!

Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of going to the University of Texas. My parents both attended UT, my brother became a Longhorn in 2017, and I knew that just to be accepted would be one of the greatest accomplishments of my young life. Also, I longed to be surrounded by strong, creative, powerful individuals that would inspire me to be a better version of myself. I knew I could find just that at UT Austin.

Going into my freshman year in 2018, I felt intimidated because I didn’t know how to find the community that I desperately wanted to be a part of. I also really wanted to find my people - the girls who would hang out with me ‘til 2 am and travel with me and always be there for me.

During Freshman orientation there were so many tables and so many spirit groups. I honestly felt a little lost and unsure if the group I was looking for even existed. My roommate later told me to try Texas Sweethearts, a really cool group she discovered during her orientation. I decided to attend their first info session - alone I might add - to see if I was interested in pursuing this organization. After watching the recruitment video at the end of the presentation, I knew that this was it. I went to every Sweethearts recruitment event afterwards and eventually became a part of the Fall 2018 class. Quite a change for a girl who was barely in any orgs in highschool and happily stayed in her comfort zone. I finally found my place on campus.

Sweethearts gave me everything I could’ve asked for in my first semester at UT. Every weekend I got closer and closer to this amazing community of strong, independent women who encourage me in so many ways. We have gone camping for spring break, dressed up for Halloween, held Friendsgivings, cheered on the Longhorns, volunteered at ACGC, had midnight study sessions, made each other dinner, you name it. I have met girls in Texas Sweethearts who will be my bridesmaids, no question.

What the officers showed me that first info session and what I have continued to see throughout my semesters as a Texas Sweetheart are empowered women who come together, form close friendships, and go out into the world to accomplish amazing things. I am inspired by the diversity among all of our members - whether it is their background, their experiences, or their involvement on campus. Every girl is different from the last and has something completely unique to bring to the table, which makes this organization ever evolving. The girls who are in Texas Sweethearts are going to change the world, no kidding.

Here’s what I say to all prospective members: finding your community can be scary, especially at such a large campus like UT. However, I encourage every single one of you to challenge yourself. Go out of your comfort zone. Meet some amazing people. Find your forever home at UT. I know I did, and I have Texas Sweethearts to thank for that.

Spring 2020, we are all so excited to bring you home!

With lots of love,

Emma Goins

Spring 2020 President


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