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A President's Welcome

Hi friends!

My name is Noel Yang and I am the Spring 2023 President of the Texas Sweethearts. I joined Texas Sweethearts during my freshman spring semester and I feel incredibly honored to serve as President during my senior spring. This full circle moment truly embodies all of the lifelong friends and memories that I’ve made through Sweethearts these past 3 years <3

A little more about me: I’m from Sugar Land, TX and I’m currently a 4th-year Biomedical Engineering major applying for med school! In high school, I spent 4 years on dance team and gained such an appreciation for having a close-knit sisterhood. I came to UT Austin hoping to find this same sense of support and community but during my first semester, I struggled to find my place on this massive campus. When second semester rolled around, I decided to attend a Sweethearts smoker. I felt immediately at home. Everyone I met was super friendly and easy to talk to. I loved the vibes so I applied and became a Spring ‘20 Sweetie! Since then, I have been an active member for 5 semesters, seen Pre-Covid and Post-Covid times, and served as the Fall 2022 Social Chair. I am beyond excited to lead this org as President and I can’t wait to make Spring ‘23 the best semester yet.

My time as a Sweetheart has shaped my entire college experience. I can wholeheartedly say that what I love most about this org is the diversity within it. I’ve met so many amazing, passionate women who teach me new things and inspire me everyday. Being surrounded by this group of women for the past 3 years has pushed me to grow. On top of that, I met some of my best friends that have lived through so many college memories with me. From Covid semester group FaceTimes to skiing in Colorado to moving in together to celebrating our 21st birthdays to hometown dates to crying over Netflix shows and so much more. I’m truly grateful for everything that Sweethearts has given me and I’m so excited to continue this legacy.

To anyone reading, my biggest piece of advice is to step outside your comfort zone. Embrace the growth that comes with discomfort. Some of my best memories in college and in life were made when I did so. Now is the perfect time to try something new and discover more about yourself. When you do, you just might find people and things that bring you happiness. I found my home in Texas Sweethearts and Spring ‘23, we are so excited to help you find yours <3

Much love,

Noel Yang

Spring 2023 President


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