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A President's Welcome

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Hi y’all!

My name is Ashley Diaz and I’m the President of Texas Sweethearts for the Fall 2023 Semester. A few things about myself, I use she/her pronouns, I am a Spring 2022 sweetie, I am a senior double major in Theatre and Dance and Radio-Television-Film. Some fun facts about me are: my favorite color is pink, I love country music, I am obsessed with everything Marvel.

I’m originally from a really small town in Texas, where there were a whopping 134 in my graduating class. I moved out to Austin knowing literally no one, in a worldwide pandemic. While my freshman year was fun, I knew I was missing a place to call home. I was on a massive campus and I didn’t have a community. I’m a first generation college student, from a town where everyone knew everyone and I felt lost. I began to look into spirit orgs and found Texas Sweethearts and fell in love! I went to an info session, a social smoker then applied! However… I didn’t get in. I was crushed. I talked to some of the members I had become friends with during recruitment and they told me to keep my head up and apply again in the spring. I did, and here we are now!

I always heard that in college, people find their “place.” I always thought that people just said that and no one actually felt that way. However, I can actually attest, it is true. People do feel that way, and I feel that way in Texas Sweethearts. Texas Sweethearts has been everything I pictured it to be and more. While I love the events, some of which I helped plan as Spring 2023 social chair, this organization wouldn’t be anything without the people who are a part of it. They’re the kind of women that push me to better myself everyday. I strive to be kind like Saylor, as caring as Cassie, graceful like Lana, as goofy as Lily, as smart as Aryaa, with a contagious laugh like Allura. I could go on forever. So many of my sweetheart sisters have turned into my role models/best friends/family. Texas Sweethearts has truly defined my college career, and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. From dragging everyone to Chuy’s with me, to walking around the San Antonio Rodeo together talking in our thickest country accents, to sharing the biggest turkey leg in existence at TX/OU with one another, to looking out in the crowd after I performed in a play and seeing my sweetheart sisters giving me a standing ovation. I couldn’t say enough good words about my experience and my love for this organization.

Here are my overall tips on recruitment…

Do: Try to form genuine connections with actives and recruits. Be friends with your fellow recruits, it makes the process all the more fun. Ask about our projects, our favorite TV shows, anything! Let’s be friends and talk. I’ll always remember this one recruit coming up and talking to me at the social smoker about her CRAZY idea for the project. She became my little a few weeks later.

Don’t: Try to be someone you aren’t. This is a disservice to you! There are so many organizations on campus, don’t try to be someone you aren’t to get into a particular organization. Be yourself and find the organization that loves you the way you are! That’s home.

Do: Believe in yourself. This goes for college in general. You are worthy to be in this space, you are worthy of love, and worthy of anything you set your mind to. The first time I applied, I had the worst impostor syndrome. I wish I could go back and tell myself that I was worthy to be there.

Don’t: Be discouraged if you don’t get in. Trust me, I speak from experience. Check out other orgs, apply again, you are amazing and it will work out. I didn’t get an interview the first time I applied, and now I’m President.

I hope I am fortunate enough to meet each and every single one of you and help you find your home, whether that be with us or otherwise. Please reach out with anything, I’d love to chat! I am so excited for this upcoming semester.

Fall 2023, You have the biggest hugs, closest friends, and best times ahead of you.

With so much love,

Ashley Diaz

Fall 2023 President.



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