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Letter From The Recruitment Chair

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to have the chance to meet you all this coming Fall semester. My name is Lacey

Campbell, I am a senior Math major from Katy, Texas, and I have the honor of being the Fall 18

Recruitment Chair. Texas Sweethearts is an amazing organization that allows girls to find a

home and a place to make memories here at UT. This org is so special to so many girls and I am

so excited to tell you why it means so much to me.

Being a senior I know what you’re thinking, “wow she’s OLD”, well you are exactly right. I

have been able to experience so many things in my past three years of college, most of which I

never expected. Although I love UT more than anything, this was not my original plan. Out of

high school I went to TCU and went through sorority recruitment where I made some of my best

friends that I expected to spend the next four years with, little did I know life had something else

in mind. I transferred to UT half way through my sophomore year, the semester of spring 17. I

left all of my friends that I had made, my sorority, and a college that I loved to move to a new

city and a new school where I barely knew anyone. Since I had been initiated into my sorority

and UT did not have my chapter, finding friends the way I did the first time was not an option

and I felt completely lost on the 40 acres. Luckily for me an acquaintance from high school

happened to mention something called Texas Sweethearts and told me to look into it.

I attended the first smoker on my very first day at UT and I knew that I was in love with this org

and the girls that were in it. Every single girl I talked to made me feel so welcome and made me

feel that they were interested in talking to me, I knew this could be a place I called home. Every

time I came back to an event during recruitment I felt that the members were genuinely excited

to see me, the girls remembered my name and made me feel that I was just talking amongst

friends rather than being put on the spot trying to impress them and convince them that I was

‘good enough’ to be a member of their org. Even the other recruits made me feel at home, I knew

that these were the people that would define the next chapter of my life and become some of my

very best friends.

I have felt so blessed to be a member of Texas Sweethearts because I believe that our org is

made up of some of the sweetest, most diverse, and most genuine girls that UT has to offer. This

org and these girls have been my refuge in this unexpected turn in my life and I wouldn’t have

had it any other way. I have found girls that support me and inspire me to be the very best that I

can be and make the most out of my life and my experience at UT. Although I have only had half

of my college career here it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I cannot wait

for you to come meet us and see for yourself how wonderful the Texas Sweethearts are.

This is why I am so honored to be the Fall 18 Recruitment Chair and help find a new class of

extraordinary women that will leave this org better than they found it. I am so excited to meet

you all and get this Fall semester started!!


Lacey Campbell

Fall 2018 Recruitment Chair


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