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Letter from the Recruitment Chair

Hey everyone!

I can’t describe how excited I am to meet you all this Fall. My name is Jillian Rodriguez, I’m a sophomore pursing Nursing from Laredo, Texas, and I am the Fall 2019 Recruitment Chair. Texas Sweethearts has brought an abundance of positivity, sisterhood, memories and friendships into my life- but most importantly it made the 40 Acres a home away from home. I’ve fallen in love with every facet of this diverse organization. I whole-heartedly can say that the members of Texas Sweethearts are some of the most loyal, compassionate, enthusiastic, and- without a doubt- the sweetest individuals I have ever met, and I cannot wait to show you a glimpse of what Texas Sweethearts means to me.

When I was growing up, The University of Texas at Austin was always my dream school and a shared dream amongst my group of friends back home. I, for years, imagined what my life in college would be like but, like most things in life, people (including myself), plans and friendships change. My senior year of high school was a struggle in terms of re-socializing and finding my identity after years of misguided friendships. Luckily, I still have amazing people and family to visit back home; however, after all the changes in my life and graduating high school, I was faced with an issue I never thought to worry about- friends.

I’ve never considered myself as an introverted person, but I worried about making connections at such a large university. Fortunately, I discovered Texas Sweethearts fairly early at freshman orientation and even found a few girls from my hometown that were active member and provided more information about how to apply. I was overwhelmed with eagerness to meet new people but was quickly taken aback upon arriving at the first recruitment event when I saw the plethora of girls. After attending the info session and Service Smoker, not only did I love everything Texas Sweethearts stood for and had to offer, for myself and the community, but I felt at ease talking to the active members that were so relatable and sweet in many ways and even met fellow recruits that became some of my best gal pals.

Because of my wholesome experience with Texas Sweethearts, I decided this was the place for me. The women of this organization still amaze me and guide me to be the best version of myself, from the diverse cultures, personalities, hobbies to the intelligent minds and beautiful hearts that drive this group, I am honored to be a part of something so great, and I am sure every member of this organization feels just as strong. To say the least, applying to Texas Sweethearts has been hands-down the best decision of my collegiate life. I’ve made bonds with people that showed me unconditional and true friendship that words cannot describe how much I value them. I encourage everyone to find people that make UT feel like a breath of fresh air and a home to count on, whether it’s going out, trying new food, studying, or visiting each other’s hometowns because you miss them, Texas Sweethearts has made me beyond happy and thankful.

I am overflowing with excitement and honor to be your Fall 2019 recruitment chair and can’t wait to bring in a new class of exceptional women who share the same love and passion to move this organization in a positive direction for future generations. Truth be told, you can’t imagine how eager I am to get to meet you all and get our FALL’19 FUNK ON !! ;)


Jillian Alexa Rodriguez

Fall 2019 Recruitment Chair


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