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Letter from the Recruitment Chair

Hi everyone! My name is Denise Rodriguez, and I’m thrilled to be the Texas Sweethearts fall 2023 recruitment chair! I’m a junior public health major on the pre-PA track with a minor in business. I’m from Houston, Texas, and I am also a fall ‘22 sweetie!

Coming to UT was definitely an adjustment. I was leaving behind my closest friends and felt so much FOMO. I eventually found my groove my freshman year, but I still felt like I was missing something…

To be completely transparent, I had applied to a different spirit organization my freshman year and didn’t get in, so I felt so bummed out. At that point in time, I had heard of Texas Sweethearts, but I put off applying because I was nervous and intimidated. I finally had the courage to go to the events last fall, and boy did I wish I had gone my freshman year. I instantly clicked with last fall's recruitment chair, Kaileen Calles (#glamma), and fell in love with the organization and the people in it.

I have met my forever friends as well as the best big ever, who was also the recruitment chair last spring (hi Dani—ik you’re reading this). I also picked up the most amazing little ever last semester, Aubrey, who is actually my mini me no joke. I have no regrets joining this amazing organization; if anything I wish I had joined sooner!! Joining Texas Sweethearts has definitely changed my college experience for the better! The last two recruitment chairs shared their love for this amazing organization with me, and I can’t wait to do the same for y’all!

As someone who recruited exactly a year ago and came in being nervous/anxious, my advice would be to just take a deep breath and be yourself!! We want y’all to find a place where y’all feel most comfortable! If you’re nervous, trust me we are just as nervous to meet y’all. Just have fun!! That is the whole point of these events! It’s a time to meet new people and possibly make new friends as well!

Please don’t be afraid to reach out to me with any questions! We also have an amazing officer board this semester who y’all will meet very soon that would love to answer any of y’all’s questions. Can’t wait to see all of y’all’s beautiful, gorgeous faces at the events!

Lots of love,



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